This Preteen Heavy Metal Band Rocks Harder Than You Ever Could

Hats off to these three awesome little youngsters; called “Unlocking The Truth” who have been breaking down barriers and rocking festivals and Times Square…all while still in the 7th grade. Coming from Brooklyn, New York (a city more well known for it’s influence in hip-hop and for being  the stomping ground for indie musicians, not metal) these three kids are absolutely awesome and truly gifted considering their age.

Even if Metal is not your preference, it’s certainly refreshing to see children at such a young age interested in music and putting their talents on display for the world to see. It’ll be interesting to see where they all wind up in ten years. And who knows, maybe they’ll influence other young musicians to follow in the same path!

Keep the metal alive kids. And much respect to Alec the bassist rockin’ the aviators like a little badass. I’m feelin’ the swag little man!

More information on Unlocking The Truth can be found here.

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