Your Old Droog Releases “You The Type”

Image Credit: Seher Sikander

Your Old Droog, a Brooklyn native known for his classic hard-hitting New York flow, has
released a new single titled “You the Type”. The song comes from Adult Swim, as part of their program that releases a new, free single every week. Your Old Droog is featuring at week 33 of 52, but the program features a wide range of artists including Wavves, Venetian Snares, and Oddisee, just to name a few. The project is definitely worth checking out here if you haven’t already.

In “You the Type”, Droog continues with the same sort of style used in his latest album,
PACKS. The song would be right at home at some point in the track list, and this song could likely have been a B-side. Using a series of decent one-liners, Droog peppers whoever he’s talking to with insults, with the “you the type to ____” template. Although his flow isn’t as tight here as it was on many of the songs in his last album, he still delivers it with his trademark style.

I found it amusing, and I’d leave you to hear it for yourself, but then again, you the type to read this whole article and not listen to the song.

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