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I was first introduced to Orlando-based reggae-rock band Kash’d Out when they were opening up for Ballyhoo! at Sanford’s West End Trading Company. I was so impressed with their performance that I’ve been out to support them twice since then, and I’m sure there will be many more times to come!

That night was also my introduction to the local music scene and the very first show I covered as a photographer.

Kash’d Out has been in the scene since 2014, when they released their self-titled debut EP. In addition to touring with Ballyhoo!, they recently performed at the 2017 California Roots Festival along with Rebelution, SOJA and many more big names in the reggae music scene.

Greg Shields and Jackson Hauserman are the creators of the band. Shields has produced and co-written songs for many bands in the reggae scene, including one of the bands that’s most dear to my heart, Seranation. He’s also featured in their upcoming new album.

Kash’d Out’s debut EP has more innocent undertones with songs about break-ups (“Going Down”), romance (“Feel Good” and “Labor of Love”) and living your best life (“Take Your Time” and “Driftwood”). The album was very relatable to me and has always been on my go-to playlist. However, with only five songs it kept me wanting to hear more. Given their present success it was an excellent launch.

The band released their first full-length album on May 26, titled “The Hookup.” The album takes on a much bolder approach. Along with the same spirit of their previous EP’s, it touches on a topic that most reggae artists are known for:  The ganja (“Yes I” and “Being Easy”). They already have a following in 420 friendly states like Colorado and Washington. A personal favorite track of mine is “Fireproof,” which talks about an unresolved relationship and the desire for closure. For anyone who’s experienced such heartache, this track hits hard.

“The Hookup” has been #2 on both the Billboard and iTunes reggae charts. “Being Easy” features Ballyhoo!’s lead, Howi Spangler. Even though it has some explicit language, this is an excellent feel-good track that talks about enjoying your time with your friends and loved ones. “The Hookup” is an overall solid release that puts all the pieces together.

Like every independent band I’ve interacted with, I’m thankful to know Kash’d Out on a personal level. They love their fans and they love what they do. Their dedication is as evident in all their shows as it is in their recordings.

It’s safe to say that Kash’d Out is here to stay and I look forward to seeing more of them.

Kash’d Out is Greg Shields (lead vocals), Jackson Hauserman (guitar), Joey Brohawn (bass), Nick Gudzan (keys) and Marshall Hearne (drums).

Connect with Kash’d Out:

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