Disturbed Return To Stage For Album Release

After four years in hiatus, Disturbed are making a return to the stage August 21st in their hometown of Chicago, on the same day Immortalized drops. The only single released so far, “The Vengeful One,” is still holding onto top positions in the charts, its music video adding fuel to the fans’ excitement.

The single and show are the latest updates following a sudden return from the band, who came back from hiatus after recording their latest album in secret this past year. Lead vocalist David Draiman recently spoke to KISW about the challenge to keep it all under wraps:

“It took a lot of effort to do that; a lot of white lies and [non-disclosure agreements] and story telling- a lot of family and friends getting pissed off at you because you won’t really tell them everything that’s going on,” he told KISW; “So it was a burden  that I’m glad we no longer have to carry. And the surprise factor has definitely seemed to work. It was part of our plan all along to kind of come out of nowhere.”

A full length tour has not been announced, but with the release show in Chicago, hopes are high. Keep an eye for tour dates HERE.


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