Gorillaz Release Huge Album (Literally Huge)

It’s been 7 long years, but the new album is FINALLY here!  I guess since Gorillaz made everyone wait so long, they decided to make it up to us with a 26 track deluxe album…that’s right…26 tracks.  I for one, have been counting down the days for this album for a while now – can you blame me?

Now that I have expressed my excitement, it’s time to express my opinion and give you more info on the Humanz album…

^ (“#Momentz in the studio with Ben Mendelsohn and Jamie Hewlett“…via Gorillaz Facebook page.) ^

I have seen SO many people completely trashing this album, and I was with them at first.  The first few tracks of the album are very disappointing, not the Gorillaz style we’re used to for sure.  I feel like people were being too quick to judge though…if they would have given the whole album a listen before blasting their harsh opinions on the internet, I think the reviews would be very different. The deeper you into the album, the better it gets!  Once you hit the 5th track, Momentz, that’s where I start hearing the Gorillaz that we all know and love.  The Gorillaz are known for their odd and extremely unique sound, each song they release seems to have a hidden story/meaning.  They are also very known for making their views on both world and political issues very clear.

In an interview with Stereogum, Damon Albarn says –

“We wanted this record to convey pain, joy, and urgency”


^ (“#Momentz with DRAM“…via Gorillaz Facebook page.) ^

Damon also states –

“I don’t think there would be Gorillaz if there wasn’t America,” Albarn ventures. “I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world that has the sort of resources to keep something like Gorillaz afloat, other than America. It’s big. It really is. God bless America.”


Along with the new album, they have announced their world tour.  The fact that the group is going on tour is HUGE.  Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett kicked off the band in 1998, since then they have only done 58 live shows in their entire existence!  Their tour only has 19 shows as of right now, some of which sold out within the first 2 minutes of the ticket sales.  So if you have any hope of experiencing the Gorillaz live, you better jump on that opportunity ASAP!

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