Jen Ledger Debuts New Solo Single ‘Not Dead Yet’

Skillet drummer and co-vocalist Jen Ledger has released the first single from her upcoming debut solo EP, Ledger.

The solo project, titled LEDGER, sees the English musician signing with Atlantic Records and collaborating further with Hear It Loud, with Skillet band mate Korey Cooper acting as producer for the six-track EP. Skillet front man John Cooper has also been confirmed to appear on the track ‘Warrior’.

The lead single, titled ‘Not Dead Yet’, sees Ledger following similar territory to the signature anthemic alternative rock sound Skillet have become well known for, with a somewhat harder edge and sharing similarities to ex-Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm.

LEDGER has also been confirmed to perform live as the opening act to Skillet‘s Unleashed Tour, also featuring For King and Country.

Hear ‘Not Dead Yet’ here:

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