Oasis Release Demo of ‘Some Might Say’ for Morning Glory Re-Release

Legendary English rockers Oasis are preparing to reissue their hit album (Whats the story) Morning Glory at the end of this month. To celebrate the upcoming release, the band has released a demo of the song ‘Some Might Say’ which was recorded in 1994 by Noel Gallagher on an acoustic guitar through their official YouTube. For information on pre-ordering the reissue, check out the band’s official website.

While it was previously announced by Noel himself through a post on Oasis’s official site that the band’s first three records will be remastered and re-released through 2014, the band is currently still on hiatus as they have been since 2009 when the band was disbanded after years of very public disputes between the Gallagher brothers (Noel and Liam). While these re-releases are certainly a welcome sight for longtime Oasis fans, currently no plans have been announced for the band to reunite or release new music.

Check out the demo of “Some Might Say” below:


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