Radiohead Finally Release “Burn The Witch”, Alongside Eerie New Music Video

Weeks of speculation, rumor and inventive teases by Radiohead, including completely going dark on social media for 48 hours, is finally starting to come to an point.

Legendary British art rock band Radiohead are ,yet again, on the verge of releasing a new album. The amount of fans anticipating this album possibly number millions across the world. Their new track, “Burn the Witch”, had been teased by the band through mysterious – and rather unsettling – leaflets sent out to fans in the past week. These leaflets recited the lyrics “Burn the witch / we know where you live”.

The new song, which has been described by some as a surreal take at a cult-like society, is backed by a frantic string arrangement. This string arrangement is accompanied by Thom Yorke’s signature drowsy, yet hypnotic, vocals. The track was released as a single on iTunes, with artwork that featured creepy white-eyed figures, mostly staring at the viewer.

The release of the new track was also promoted with a candid and creative clay-mation music video, directed by Chris Hopewell. According to Hopewell, the video was, “conceived, designed, built and animated in 14 days”. The video’s narrative is loosely based on a 1973 horror film. The Wicker Man, is a film where a detective stumbles into a cult-like village of pagans, in search of clues to the disappearance of a little girl; perfectly complimenting the song’s objectively anxious and uneasy nature. You can watch the perplexing new video below:

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“Burn the Witch” is available as a single now, through XL Recordings. You can download the new track on iTunes or Google Play! News on Radiohead’s hotly-anticipated new album will be coming soon; stay tuned to Altwire!

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