Single Release – SOJA – “Morning”


SOJA ft Natiruts & Gomba Jahbari – “Morning”

This past Wednesday, SOJA released their latest single “Morning”. This track was originally performed at the Arlington, Virginia based band’s 2016 hometown show at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, of which it’s Live in Virginia album was nominated for a Grammy.

With the collaboration of Brazilian reggae band, Natiruts, and Puerto Rican reggae band, Gomba Jahbari, “Morning” brings a Latin twist to the track as it helps one to introspect on the system (“Give me back all you stole from me, and give me my time, give me my money.”) and reflect on life in general (“Give me my dreams I need them, cause everything is too different now.”)

SOJA is a band that has always been known to ask all those questions that many don’t dare ask while challenging political norms in the process. “Morning” with its lighthearted take on such topics, relates to those first thoughts when one wakes up, before the “busy-ness” of your day-to-day routine takes over.

As a long-time fan, I am pleased that this track made it to the studio with its throwback style to the band’s beginnings. With their strong Brazilian fan base and their contribution to Puerto Rico, especially during its two devastating hurricanes, this song is on my list of favorites and another reason why they hold a special place in my heart.

Make sure to catch SOJA live as they perform this track and their many hits on their “Sing to Me” Spring and Summer Tour!

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