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Sisteray – London, England (Staircase Records [Indie/Self Released])


Sisteray are an independent band based out of London, England and formed in 2012. Currently releasing music via their own means (through which they dub “Staircase Records”); Sisteray have gathered a decent following in their hometown, selling out their local “100 Club” and the O2 Academy in London.

Their debut single ‘Take It Away/Happy Endings’ has been downloaded well over a thousand times digitally, and their new EP “She Likes The Drama” is set for release on February 5th.

Recently AltWire caught up with Dan Connolly of Sisteray to learn more about this upcoming band. Read our interview with Dan below, and don’t forget to listen to their EP in full at the bottom of this post.

AltWire [Derek]: For those who are just now being introduced to your music could you tell us more about the band? How did you get your start and what inspired the band name?

Dan Connolly / Sisteray: The band started in Spring 2012. At first it was just me (Dan) and my brother Ryan (drums) jamming together. We put an ad out for a singer and Niall joined not long after. We rehearsed for a few months and booked a gig at The Camden Rock in the heart of Camden Town but didn’t have a bass player. I asked my mate Mike who I’d worked with for a few years if he wanted to play bass. He picked up the bass for the very first time only 3 weeks before our first gig!

The name Sisteray is two-fold. We’re all massive Velvet Underground fans and Sister Ray is a top tune. There’s also the famous record shop Sister Ray in Berwick Street, London, that’s on the cover of Oasis’ second album. The band’s name is spelt slightly different, so it has it’s own niche.

AW: I detect a bit of a Smiths influence in your music! Were you inspired by The Smiths, and what other artists have had influence on your sound?

Dan Connolly / Sisteray: The Smith’s are definitely an influence. Marr’s one of my favorite guitarists and Morrisey has a great knack of putting his observations in to lyrics. We have the obvious 60’s influences, such as The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, The Stones etc right the way through to late 70’s mod revival, punk, glam-rock and Britpop influences.

AW: You currently self record, promote and release your music through your own label Staircase Records. Do you feel that there are some advantages to the Do It Yourself method, and do you plan to continue releasing through Staircase as you grow in fame and popularity?

Dan Connolly / Sisteray: Staircase Records is just a name for us to release music through at the moment. We are looking for a record deal but are yet to find the right one! We had a few offers that weren’t very good so we decided to do it ourselves. The bigger we get the harder that is to manage, as we’re just 4 lads with limited resources. As long as the fans have a place to listen to our music, we’re happy.

AW: Speaking of fame, you’ve managed to grow rather popular in your hometown, selling out the 100 Club and the O2 Academy in your hometown of London. Any plans for touring outside of your local area at this time? If so, where?

Dan Connolly / Sisteray: Our EP launch is in London on February 5th. We have a few festivals outside of London. We have March of the Mods in Liverpool in March and ModFest, Brighton in May. We are looking to tour more of the UK and possibly Ireland in the summer.

AW: What are your plans for 2014 and what can fans expect coming up? Are you working on a full length?

Dan Connolly / Sisteray: It’s different to plan too much nowadays. Before, it was simple. Two or three singles, an album and then a tour. Times have changed. People want everything free, then vinyl’s coming back, then they wanna stream music. We’re just planning to release music and give out as much free as possible. We might make a free single next!

For more information on Sisteray and to purchase their upcoming EP, please go here.

Listen to “She Likes The Drama”:

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