System of a Down Reveal Possible ‘Comeback’

More promising news of System of a Down returning to the studio has been revealed by bassist Shavo Odadjian in an interview with Madcap Music Review

“There’s a very good chance [that System will return to the studio],” Odadjian stated,  “I don’t have a date. We’ve written some songs. We’re keeping it to ourselves. We’re getting back to the bullwhip of being together.”

Fans have waited impatiently since 2005’s Mezmerize/Hypnotize double album for this particular news, with certain members of the quartet having pushed for a new album over the years, as well. Drummer John Dolmayan spoke with Loudwire last year on the desire to reunite in the studio; “I’m not sure if I’m the member who wants it the most. It’s probably true about [me] being the most vocal about wanting it.

“We could have started already, but we chose not to for personal reasons that I’m not at liberty to discuss right now. It’s positive stuff, that’s all I can say at the moment. We could have very easily have been in the studio as you and I are speaking right now, but for something very positive, we couldn’t. Let’s just leave it at that.”

Between Dolmayan and Odadjian’s interviews, vocalist Seri Tankian himself mentioned possible album plans to Rolling Stone earlier this year, explaining the band members had to see where they were on the matter after their ‘Wake Up the Souls’ tour kicking off in April.

“The openness is there to work together, but we haven’t made any particular plans that we can announce.”

Stay tuned.

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