New Music: The Nectars Release Debut Single “Heaven”

New Jersey is a state known for many fantastic music acts in recent memory. Credited as the breeding ground for acts like My Chemical Romance, The Misfits, Thursday, Senses Fail and many more, the illustrious state can now add one more talented act to it’s roster: The Nectars.

Consisting of members Jon Paul (bass / vocals), Mike Montalbano (drums / vocals), Michael Baron (guitar / vocals) and lead vocalist Jessica Kenny, The Nectars have created a solid and exuberant sound that is equal parts punk, pop, grit and pure rock bliss. With vocals that feel like a hybrid of Flyleaf and Paramore, and a driving rock sound that at times faintly resembles Muse, even the most casual of rock fans will find reason to love this refreshing new band from the shadow of New York City.  By pulling from a wide list of influences and genres, The Nectars have paid tribute to the punk ethos of their Jersey roots while creating a sound all their own.

Even more admirable is the band’s DIY work ethic, as despite rising label interest in the band The Nectars have opted to do things themselves, by bouncing their free time between free studio recording time and self-creating videos to get their music out to the world.

After such a stunning debut single, it’s difficult not to see bright and promising things in the future for this band and we cannot wait to hear what comes next.

Listen to ‘Heaven’ by The Nectars below:

Check out The Nectars on Facebook.


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