American Wolves Premiere “Part Of Me” On Billboard

American Wolves have entered alternative rock with their debut single and music video “Part Of Me.” Billboard has the exclusive debut for the four-piece, “Part Of Me” off their upcoming EP of five tracks.

“I really think that we have the potential to redefine what it means to be a rock star in this day and age,” says vocalist-guitarist Rod Pires. The band is two years young in formation, the single produced by Dan Korneff whose work includes Paramore and Breaking Benjamin- an impressive note to keep with American Wolves.

With their strong debut, Pires plans on ‘changing the game a bit,’ adding: “…there are so many artists that have a platform to do good and inspire people and to talk about great things, and they don’t. They’re talking about things that aren’t necessarily good topics to write about. I feel like we have the potential to set the example for this next generation of bands that are coming up.”

American Wolves are coming in strong, but not aggressively in their eyes- “In the music industry, you have all these bands, they’re almost fighting against each other instead of bringing each other up,” he says.

“What’s really cool about our is band is our members, we’re constantly bringing each other up. We’re not competing for a spot. That’s something that I really want to show people: that everyone has a place.”

On choosing the name, Pires also goes on to explain, “When you think of a wolf, you think of someone that’s fierce. You think of passion, this fire, and I think that kind of represents us. We’re hungry for more success, we’re chasing down this dream, and we’re fierce about it and we have no fear.”

Read more in their exclusive premiere with Billboard, their debut video below. Stay tuned for details on when to expect their upcoming EP.

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