[Single Review] Megosh – Wolves (Selena Gomez Cover)

Hailing from Baltimore Maryland alternative rock band Megosh have released their take of Wolves by Selena Gomez & Marshmello. The four piece are known for their blending of styles, dynamic and intelligent music, which makes Wolves seem quite simplistic in comparison with their other work. The song displays very competent melodic musicianship, but it is no way ground breaking. Nevertheless, Josh Grosscup’s range is admirable, with the most impressive part being his switch from sincere to brat-punk vocals.

It’s almost unforgivable to make people listen to a Selena Gomez song however, Megosh still make vast improvements from the original version. I’ve noticed a considerable increase in cross genre covers ever since the success of the Punk Goes Pop compilation albums, and while some are fun and a great way to introduce people to new styles of music, others are downright despicable (I’m looking at you Falling In Reverse).  Thankfully going by the video Megosh did this cover for a bit of a laugh, although it has to be admitted that the joke doesn’t quite hit the mark. The downcast, somewhat desperate tone of the song overly juxtaposes with the silly video so the whole thing doesn’t entirely make sense.

Overall I would strongly suggest Megosh stick to their rock roots and individual sound, which is brilliantly showcased on the second single from their debut album Apostasy, Checkerboards & Cigarettes. Their cover of Wolves doesn’t set the world on fire, but it’s a perfectly decent piece of pop punk fun, ideal for playing loudly on a boring winters night and pretending you’re at Warped Tour. If nothing else Megosh showcase that they have a bucket load of potential.

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